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About Sriperumbudur:    
Kallada Travels takes to the Sriperumbudur is an industrial town in Kanchipuram district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is located in proximity to Chennai. It is famous for being the birth place of Sri Ramanuja, one of the most prominent Hindu Vaishnava saints as well as the town where former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated in 1991. Since 2000, Sriperumbudur has seen rapid industrialization, attracting huge investments due to its proximity to Chennai port, infrastructure growth, establishment of STPIs and SEZs and availability of quality manpower.

Sriperumbudur Kallada Travels is strategically placed on the Chennai-Bangalore highway, just about 40 kilometres from the city, and offers all facilities that the international industrial giants want for their business to operate in the country.

Old name of Sriperumbudur is Bhoodhapuri. It is believed that the doors of heaven will be open for those who die at Sriperumbudur.

Sriperumbudur Kallada Travels is the birthplace of Sri Ramanuja, the Hindu Saint and philosopher well known for His role in the Vaishnavism sect. Sri Ramanujar is one of the foremost propounders of Sri Vaishnavism. Sri Ramanujar's Vigraha ( Divine Idol made of 5 metals including Gold, Silver, Bronze,...) was installed in this temple when His Holiness was alive. This idol is called 'Thamugantha Thirumani' ( The Idol was given by Sri Ramanujacharya Himself when He lived in this material world ). There is a strong belief and fact ofcourse, that if we drink Thirumanjana (Abiseka) milk of Sri Ramanujacharya , all sickness will be cured. Its believed that it should be the prime duty of every SriVaishnava (the follower of Sri Ramanujacharya) or the human being who have taken birth in this material world should get the shamashrayana ( the symbols of Disc and chanku (Counch (Panchajanya )) will be imprinted on the shoulders by an Aacharya or divine perceptor) as per the philosophical values of Sri Ramanujacharya to overcome this worldly birth and death cycle!.

Vallakottai Murugan temple, 9 km from Sriperumbudur, is known for the tallest Lord Murugan statue in India (9 m).

On 21 May 1991, Rajiv Gandhi, the then former Prime Minister of India was assassinated by a human bomb in Sriperumbudur. The government has converted the area into the Rajiv Gandhi Memorial.Another attraction is the "Madras Motor Sports Club" which organizes world class racing events every year at Irungattukotai near Sriperumbudur. Among the events conducted by the club are the South India Rally and the Al India Motor Race Meet. Federation Internationale de Motorcyclisme (FIM) and the Federation Internationale du Sport Automotive (FISA) have licensed to race up to formula III for cars and all classes of two-wheelers. The club also has a dirt track for auto cross events.

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About Aluva:    
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Aluva Kallada Travels is a town and a municipality in Ernakulam district and also a part of Kochi metropolitan area in the state of Kerala, India. It is one of the most industrialised towns in Kerala, though most of the factories are actually situated in the newly minted town Kalamassery. It is famous for the Aluva Sivarathri festival at Manal Puram (sand bank) on the banks of Periyar River. Aluva serves as a transit point to the following four towns in Ernakulam district - Angamaly to the North, Kalamassery to the south, North Paravur to the west and Perumbavoor to the east.

Aluva is one of the important towns in India. It’s in the state of Kerala and rich in History, Culture and Heritage. Aluva is now in the International aviation map due to the close proximity to Cochin International Airport Limited.

Periyar,a beautiful river and second largest in the state is the life line of Aluva. A trip down the river and its silken-smooth sand-banks will be one of the most memorable experiences in any ones life.The history of Aluva brings to the picture the history of Periyar. The pres- ence of the river has given Aluva one of the most exquisite culture as could be com- pared to that of any part in Kerala. As it is known, the rivers of Kerala have brought with them the behavior and trad- itional aspects of the population living on their banks. The case is no different here either.

Take a walk down Periyar river and you will find some kind of a gracefulness envelope you. The cool river, it’s silken-smooth sandbanks and the people around gets into your mind to stay there emanating a sacred feeling that you would want to come back to its banks over and over again.The Periyar is indeed Aluva’s lifeline. The activities along the long stretch of its banks are always hectic as if life proceeds alongwith the quiet flow of water downstream. Small-scale as well as cottage industries thrive along the riverbed bringing in revenue and smiles into every home.

The riverbank has its ornamental look with huge tall coconut palms lending its own charm. The green canopy along the shores fills the mind with happiness. The temples, churches and mosques along the banks of the Periyar give a touch of Aluva’s diverse culture and beliefs.The town is also known for its communal harmony and the goodness that comes with it.Periyar is the most important river in the Ernakulam district. The Periyar with a length of 229 km. is the longest river in the district. Among the rivers in the State, Periyar is second only to Bharathapuzha in length. During its course five important tributaries join the river. They are Muthirapuzha, Mullayar, Cheruthoni, Perinjankutti and Edamala.

The Chalakkudy river also joins the Periyar at Elanthikara, 10 km. east of Kodungalloor. Periyar is very high in hydro-eletric potential. There are a series of dams and power stations viz. Pallivasal, Kundala, Madapetty, Senkulam, Neriaman- galam and Panniyar on this river basin. Idukki Hydro-electric Project is the most important scheme of its kind in Kerala. Kalady, the birth palace of Sankaracharya, the greatest Advaitha Philosopher is on the bank of Periyar. Other important places on its bank are Malayattoor and Aluva which are places of pilgrimage for Christians and Hindus respectively. The Periyar traverses through all the Taluks in the district. The river is highly beneficial to the district for irrigation, drainage and navigation. The river plays a very important role in the agricult- ural, industrial and commercial develop- ment of the district. The Periyar Valley Irrigation Project is capable of irrigating a net area of 30414 ha. as at the end of 1990-91.

Thus Aluva is also one kind of tourist place which Kallada Travels makes the way.

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